Best Solo Ad Tips – Maximize Your Solo Ad Profits

#1 – Tracking System

First of all, you need to setup a professional tracking system that tracks every step your visitors take.

You need to know and setup the following:

– Opt-ins conversion tracking – find out how well does your squeeze page convert
– Exit pop-up tracking – I highly recommend using an exit pop-up on the squeeze page + thank you page – you can gain a lot more opt-ins when you catch the attention of people trying to leave your page(or you can send them to another page or offer and make extra money that way)
– Thank you page clicks – you need to know how many people click and take action on your thank you page(you can re-direct straight to an offer, but I would recommend using a thank you page because there you can add for example personal video thanking the lead for opting or just add some pre-sell text and try to get them to take action on the offer you are promoting + you can add your personal contact info like e-mail, Facebook etc. and on top of that you can create a Facebook group and add the link on the thank you page)
– Email engagement tracking – check how does your follow-up email campaigns work, how many people click on your links and how many convert into paid customers
– Product/offer conversion – finally you need a great overview of how much profit does your setup bring as this is why you run your business right 🙂

*If you track every step of your funnel you can tweak, test and make it more profitable and scale it.


#2 – Squueze page – Funnel builder

You definitely need a great squeeze page in order to capture as much leads as possible from the traffic you send there.
As you invest money in traffic you, every optin and lead matters

I have used this tool for a very long time

You can create very good converting squeeze pages, split-test, add exit-popups, add videos, make thank you pages and funnels etc.
It is an amazing all-in-1 mobile responsive funnel builder!

#3 Hosting Solution

Hosting is like a foundation of a house – you cannot a build a strong house aka a strong funnel setup without a great hosting plan.

Loading speed of your pages are more important than ever before. You will lose a lot of opt-ins and sales when your page loads 1 second slower for example compared to what people are used to.

Also it is very important that the hosting provider offers top quality service. It never goes down, offers all the latest technology and of course has super fast support. As when you invest in traffic you never want to be in a situation where you have for example bought 1000 clicks, but because you have a crappy host your site will go down and boom you have lost your investment (I have been in that situation – that is why I now use the best hosting solution/company out there. I have been involved with this company for over 2 years now. I am super happy – everything is top notch, always and it means I have 1 less thing to worry about 🙂

#4 – Domains

This is the easiest and most obvious step – you need a domain/domains in order to create your online business setup.

Choose a domain name carefully as it is a good branding tool, for example I recommend to pick your first + last name .com domain.

It is a simple way to build authority and trust in the eyes of your leads.

#5 Autoresponder – Follow-up Email Campaigns

This is a very important step that most newbie marketers skip.

It is easier to just get traffic, send straight to an offer page and hope you will turn a profit.

It definitely is easier and quicker, but usually it doesn’t work at all (you will lose money) or works way better with a proper funnel and building an email list.

Email list is a valuable asset to own.

You can:

1. Send follow-up sequence to your leads and get them to buy/join your offer/product/opportunity.
2. Engage with your leads – answer their questions and concerns and you will definitely get you more sales
3. Build your social media following (add an email signature with links to your social media profile + FB group)
4. Continue promoting new offers, products, coaching etc. (for example I have people buying who signed up to my list 5 years ago)

All in all, building an email list will definitely get you more revenue in the long-term.

#6 What are the best offers/opportunities to promote right now?

Karatbars – Start Investing in Gold + New Crypto Coin!

Recommended CPA network (link)

Best CPA/CPL Opportunity (link)


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Quick tips

  • Find your subscribers/leads/opt-ins from Facebook and other social media platforms (engage with them!)
  • Add your social media links + personal contact email to the signature section of every email
  • Encourage people to ask questions and reply to your emails
  • Create your own Facebook group – get every lead in there
  • Create a Facebook page + Instagram account
  • Make similar page to this (it helps people + generates some extra income via affiliate commissions)
  • Add Facebook + Google re-targeting pixels to your pages, so you can later use it to upsell and promote other products/offer etc.
  • Offer 1-1 coaching
  • Offer online business setup service
  • Send general emails as well, like for example your thoughts about life, what are you reading right now etc. – do not bombard your list with offers 24/7 – they will appreciate/respect it and you will build a long-term following
  • Make videos about the offers you are promoting and general tips videos as well (for example it would be best to add a thank you video after opt-in and the tips page will do even better when you make it video + text)
  • Start a blog (best way to start is to just documenting your journey in the online business world)

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